Changer Repair Service, Inc. is a fast growing repair center in the Southwest (Texas) United States. We repair most major brands of coin mechanisms, dollar bill acceptors (DBA's) and coin changers including Coinco. Mars, Maka, CBA, Acer, Rowe, USA, Ardac Etc.. Since it's inception, the company has had to expand to 3000 sq ft. Changer Repair Service, Inc attributes this to a simple formula; "Fast, Reliable Friendly Service". This along with reasonable pricing and fast service ( one day turnaround upon written request) is exactly what the customer wants and gets. With 42 years of experience and a vast knowledge of the vending/coin~operating industry, Changer Repair Service, Inc knows exactly what the vendor is looking for.

We also are currently selling new and used vending machines. See our vending machine section for details.
Changer Repair Service Inc.
Houston, TX
6110 Milwee Street
Suite N
Houston, TX 77092
713-683-9790 (fax)
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